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An audio-first digital media company focused on capturing the conversations that comfort you.

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To want to be better, experience greater, and learn more.

We believe in the pursuit of growth - mentally, physically, and spiritually. The desire to expand our worldview and be patient with unfamiliar perspectives. To use audio as a means of capturing the collective wisdom of people and practicing the art of listening.


We're all interesting.

We believe that although we may all live different lives, we hold universal experiences which allow us to emotionally connect with everyone. To have an unquenchable curiosity for the emotions, experiences, and wisdom of others.


To find beauty in the mundane.

We believe in the value of letting seemingly mundane conversations evolve into something greater. The types of conversations where a slick awkward silence sparks the ambiance needed for a moment of intimacy & vulnerability. The moment that allows us to feel seen, understood, and hopeful. We’ve learned that hearing the experiences of others can be what teach us the most about ourselves.


The people that get it, get it.

We believe in risking everything for authenticity. To let go of love, admiration, and respect, if it means bringing us closer to who we are at our core.


Without risk, it's boring.

We want to do the opposite of what you think a podcast should look and sound like. Does every show need to be made in the same boring studio? We're making every episode a visual feast for the eyes, because let's be real, if you're gonna listen to people talk for hours on end, at least have cute visuals! And don't even get us started on episode length - we're keeping it short and sweet. If you're not sure if it's a podcast or a show... well, good.

Created by teens

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peace, and love

Based in Los

Guiding and supporting teenagers through the power of media.


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For the people.

Focused on capturing the convos that comfort you and making them available when you need them the most

We exist to comfort you during rough times, to be the first place you turn to when you don’t have the answers. We want to give your heart a hug when there's no one else around. To sit in the rain together and soak in the sun when it shines. We’re in love with preserving those precious memories, impactful conversations & feelings of our shared humanity that we often wish we could relive. We believe we're all interesting.

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Want to share your story with the world? Tell us your name, age, and a topic you enjoy talking about and we'll reach out when we have a show we think you'd be a good fit for. No experience necessary! (Must be based in LA or NY)

From two
childhood friends.

Gael and Kayla initially met in middle school but didn't connect until high school when Gael invited Kayla to co-host a podcast. Their podcast, Teenager Therapy, grew to become the world's most successful youth mental health podcast. After four years of weekly episodes, they founded Astro Studios.

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